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We’re certified pediatric sleep consultants who are (obviously) obsessed with all things sleep (including our own) as well as serious science nerds (I mean, who else enjoys reading studies on a Friday night?!) We've combined our 8 years of experience to bring you the most comprehensive sleep consultant certification course available!

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Ready to level up your baby sleep knowledge?

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We know you’re ready to solve some baby sleep puzzles and you’re looking for a credible, comprehensive course built from evidence based research and years of experience of working 1:1 with families with a focus on holistic and responsive sleep coaching…

This is the sleep consultant certification course for YOU!

We are insanely passionate about educating families with ACCURATE sleep information and want more sleep consultants in the world doing the same thing.

it all started with a desire to raise the bar on sleep consulting

We worked our booties (sorry, moms of toddlers) off for the last year to deliver a sleep consultant certification course that equips you to solve all the baby sleep issues and feel confident doing it! 

You’ll walk through the course, building your knowledge step by step of the way and at the same time, create materials along the way to use with clients (including building your own sleep plan).

Our goal is for you to feel prepared to work with clients from day 1 of completing the course!

step one

Register for the sleep consultant certification course (or upgrade to truly level up your business!)

step two

Go through each module, complete each quiz and written portion of that component

step three

Learn from experts in their fields of social media, time management, CRM software and more so that you can truly be successful in business

step four

Put it all into practice to build a successful and rewarding business from home during nap time

Pricing Details

SLeep Consultant Academy

$ 4,500
  • $825 / 6 month payment plan*
  • $450 / 12 month payment plan*

Mentorship Package

$ 6,500
  • $1,150 / 6 month payment plan*
  • $600 / 12 month payment plan*

BOTH options includes 3 months to The Sleep Sorority— a membership exclusive to sleep consultants building a business!


Unlike any other course available, you’ll have the option to complete a paid internship to gain experience and potentially clients post completion of the course!

You can learn more about the program and all the details in this webinar along with a sneak peek inside the course!

Your job is to commit to learning the ins and outs of child sleep while OUR job is to stay as up to date as possible on all the new developments in the baby sleep world so you have the MOST accurate information at all times. 

We share all the things we learned (and mistakes we made) along the way so that you can truly start with your business with your best foot forward.

Tricky situation with a client? We got you!

are you ready to grow a business you love?


Ashley and Katelyn have been my sole source of sleep knowledge since I’ve found them and I think that’s because they only use evidence based methods that WORK for most families, including my own. Newborn/baby sleep is not something that I felt prepared for when I became a first time mom. Ashley and Katelyn’s resources that they’ve compiled through their years of helping families like mine helped me learn how to manage the sleep puzzle that’s constantly evolving for my child. Sleep is the foundation for a well rested, healthy and happy family. I cannot recommend them enough!

Sammie Gumpert


you'll get

what you'll get

with your purchase

Inside the Course

You have to start with a solid understand of baby sleep science in order to support families so that’s where we start! Then we teach you all the ins and outs of working directly with clients. As well as how to build a successful business!

Inside the Mentorship

You will have Ashley & Katelyn BOTH in your back pocket. It’s intimidating working with families sometimes (as we well know) and want you to feel super confident when you’re naviating it in those first few months!

after graduating, you'll receive...

FOR THE Knowledge seeker

Sleep Consultant Academy

The course is perfect for doing a deep dive into all things baby sleep and baby sleep science. It’s full of evidence based research, 8+ years of combined sleep consulting experience, and the tools need to ensure you can fully support families in all situations.

**please contact us if you are seeking this course as a way to continue your sleep consulting education as a certified sleep consultant to receive special pricing

for the next leveler

Mentorship Package

The mentorship options includes the course + a 3 month 1:1 mentorship via voxer with Ashley and Katelyn (after completion of the course). 

This package is perfect to not only grow your business but also your confidence in working with families so that you can ensure you’re ready to support them!

Inside the course....


I hadn’t yet heard of Ashley and Katelyn when my first child was a baby. We went through months of sleep deprivation before I hired a different sleep consultant. The experience was really narrow and just worked on sleep training for that two weeks, rather than looking at the whole picture with my baby and equipping me to handle sleep as baby grew. But then I found Ashley and Katelyn. They were a breath of fresh air. With what I learned from just the free material available on Katelyn and Ashley’s Instagrams, I was way better prepared for my second baby. They share the science behind baby sleep and evidence-based practices, so I knew I could trust in what they share. Then I became part of Raising Happy Sleepers and not only found a community of parents who valued sleep and sleep training like I did, but also being able to get advice from Ashley and Katelyn in real time when I needed it and even more information on baby sleep has helped me so much. They are also so kind, warm, compassionate, and a joy to talk to. Thanks to Katelyn and Ashley, I am confident in my ability to provide my babies with opportunities to sleep, to troubleshoot as needed, and to respond to their needs.

Sammy Merritt


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