Hi! I'm ashley.

I own Heaven Sent Sleep.

I’m also a mom to 3 little ones, a fire-wife, an enneagram 5w6, and INTJ. I have a background in Physical Therapy which really comes in handy when reading research and educating (coaching) families.

My sleep consulting journey started as a way to fill a void in the infant sleep world– particularly with my own children! My first child didn’t sleep and I learned a ton of valuable lessons through my research to ensure that didn’t happen with our second child.

After years of working with families, I knew it wouldn’t be possible to help everyone that truly needs it so The Collective for Family Rest and Wellness was born!

Hi! I'm Katelyn.

I own Sweet Pea Sleep.

Mom to two sweet boys with a baby girl on the way, and wife to my realtor husband. I graduated in 2014 from the University of Georgia with a degree in Child and Family Development. I have over ten years of experience as a nanny, and I thought that parenting would be a breeze. 

I became incredibly passionate about helping other parents get the sleep they and their children need while being responsive and keeping that special bond secure, thru my own experience with my first son, the cutest, sweetest most high needs bundle of reflux-y joy, who never slept longer than 45 minutes at a time.

In early 2017, I became a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant and since founding Sweet Pea Sleep, I have helped hundreds of families get the sleep they need. 

The Collective for Family Rest and Wellness was born from the firm belief that every family should have access to evidence-based sleep support. We’re on a mission to mentor more sleep consultants so more families get the help they need!

We both really struggled with the transition to motherhood: traumatic births, babies who didn’t sleep, and eventually postpartum anxiety.

Everything got better when we got better sleep

The Collective for Family Rest and Wellness was born out of our love for the field and our deep wish to create the most comprehensive sleep consultant certification course available to help more families.

We want sleep consulting to be a normal household name to new parents.

in a nutshell...

We’re passionate about baby sleep and helping others suceed!

If you have a passion for infant sleep and want to know so much more so that you can help others, work from home and establish a successful and rewarding career, you are in the right place!

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Meet Our Expert Contributors:

Sleep & Sensory Systems

Laura Petix is a pediatric occupational therapist and owner of The OT Butterfly. She specializes in sensory integration and behavior. In this lesson, she does a deep dive into the sensory systems and how it relates to sleep + what sleep consultants can include in their sleep plan to ensure sensory needs are met.

Temperament, Secure Attachment, and Co-Regulation

Drs. Jenna Elgin & Shanna Alvarez are psychologists and research scientists who focus on improving families well-being. They understand that there is a gap between the information most parents have access to and the rigorously researched tools that can give them peace of mind. In these lessons, Drs. Jenna & Shanna debunk common myths about sleep training and attachment using real peer reviewed research. They also discuss temperament and how it can relate to the sleep training process. And finally, their lesson on co-regulation is the foundation of what you need in your practice to truly support parents as they support their child.

Bottle Feeding, Reflux, and Sleep apnea

Mallory Millet is a speech language pathologist and infant feeding specialist. She owns The Feeding Mom and supports parents in bottle feeding, oral development, positioning, etc. In her lessons, she covers ways to support babies with reflux in the sleep training process as well as educates sleep consultants on red flags that would indicate a referral to a specialist is needed for sleep apnea.

Supporting Families with PMADs

Chasity Holcomb, LPC owns Momfully You where she helps moms in purpose-driven careers experience motherhood without self-sacrifice. The purpose of her lesson is to equip sleep consultants with the knowledge and tools to support parents dealing with postpartum mood disorders, including their partners and knowing where to refer these parents for extra support!

Working with Children on the spectrum

Madison Gaffney is a behavioral analyst who specializes in working with children with Autism. It's not uncommon for them to struggle with sleep and in her lesson, she discusses evidence based ways to improve their sleep as well as knowing when to refer out for further help!

Legal Aspects of Business

Keren de Zwart is a lawyer who specializes in supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses. Her lesson covers the legal aspects of not only starting a business but running it as well which is so important if you have zero experience owning your own business!

Time Management

Lynn Winter is the owner of Life in Motion. She's a lawyer turned time management and life organizer expert who helps busy women streamline their lives, from home to work and everything in between! In this lesson, she discusses ways to work from home without losing your freedom.

Getting your First Client

Becca Campbell is the owner of Little Z's Sleep and has created the most supportive community membership for sleep consultants-- The Sleep Sorority (which comes with every purchase of the sleep consultant certification course 🙌🏻). In this lesson, she covers all the ways you can start your business with getting your very first client.

Using Charts with Toddlers & Positive Reinforcement

Marlene Spence is a psychologist and applied behavior analyst who owns Cornerstone Family Services and Reward'ums. She has over 17 years of experience supporting children and youth with behavior disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and developmental disabilities. This lesson covers the benefits of using charts to increase participation, decrease frustration and educates sleep consultants on how to use these with families.

Entrepreneur Taxes

Ashley Waychoff is a small business accountant who has a major passion for small business success! She helps visionary entrepreneurs maximize profits, understand their financials and get back to doing what they love with bookkeeping and accounting advisory services. In her lesson, she goes over "taxes 101" so that you can feel good about the business side of things!

CRM Systems

Meg Goodman is a business tech expert who specializes in setting up customer relationship management (this is where you house all your clients/work into one place so it's organized and easier to find)! Her lesson covers everything you need to know about setting up Dubsado, the CRM software that comes with the business and mentorship package.

Social Media Marketing

Makayla Ervin is a Brand Activation Strategist who specializes in marking on social media WITHOUT advertising-- connecting with your audience is key. She walks you through identifying your ideal client, content creation, and a strategy for selling on social media.

Parenting in Different Cultures

Edita Maloku is a licensed social worker and consicous parenting coach. She has experience working with parents in many different cultures and what that can look like for sleep-- so in her lesson, she discusses ways to support parents who are living in different cultures and how to customize their experience based on their cultural beliefs and practices.

Fire and Sleep Safety

Brea Olson is a firefighter/paramedic with over 10 years of experience in the emergency medical services field. His lesson covers the important aspects of fire safety when working with infants and toddlers-- specifically addressing sleeping with the doors closed and creating an escape plan!

Melatonin Use in Children

Funke Afolabi-Brown is an academic physician, currently an assistant professor of Clinical Pediatrics at the Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania (CHOP) of the University of Pennsylvania Health System. Dr Brown is board certified in pediatric pulmonary medicine and pediatric sleep disorders. She discusses the use of melatonin in kids, when it's appropriate/not appropriate, and all the current research available.

Writing for Your Business

Joanna May is a virtual assistant that specializes in copywriting and search engine optimization for small businesses. Her lesson covers the key points you'd want to include on your website to write copy that converts as well as ways to ensure your website comes up in a search!

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What kind of sleep consultant would you be?

In every profession, you bring your unique personality to the table! Sleep consulting is no different. Tired parents need support and we know that your specific strengths will be exactly what they need!