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Jenna Kinkead - Heaven Sent Sleep

I’m an extrovert and an enneagram 2! I love people and helping them! I graduated with a BA in special and general education, received my Master's degree and became a dyslexia specialist in 2010. I spent 10+ years as a Kindergarten/First Grade Special Education Teacher.

I focus on group sleep coaching, schedule issues like short naps, early wakings, and nap transitions, transitioning to a toddler bed, bedtime struggles with toddlers, as well as overall sleep coaching for ages 4 months and up!

Located in: Fort Worth, Texas

Kyra Feenstra - Sweet Pea Sleep

I never thought at the age of 29 and after having 2 children, that I'd be doing something that I absolutely LOVE and am so passionate about! Having a baby is HARD and sleep is hard! Babies don't come with a sleep manual even though I really think they should. That's why we're here- to help families figure out their child's sleep so they can all get the sleep they need!

Located in: Yucaipa, California

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What kind of sleep consultant would you be?

In every profession, you bring your unique personality to the table! Sleep consulting is no different. Tired parents need support and we know that your specific strengths will be exactly what they need!