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Become a certified sleep consultant and build a rewarding career doing what you love

Our founders are so passionate about elevating the field of sleep consulting, they created the most comprehensive and holistic sleep consultant certification program on the market.

Our consultants leave our program prepared to help families and are ready to hit the ground running building a successful business.

certified sleep consultants

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This is for you if..

…you love talking baby sleep

…you’ve become the go to friend for sleep advice

…you want evidence based information and google isn’t cutting it

…you’ve exhausted all the internet blogs (even ours!)

…you have a heart for supporting families

…you want to help break the stigma around sleep training

…you want a flexible and rewarding career from home

What's inside the sleep consultant certification course?

We want you to be prepared to not only educate families but also grow a thriving business!

Sleep consulting is a growing field meant to work with healthy children who need an intervention and support in creating improved sleep habits.

Upon completing the sleep consultant certification course, you’ll feel comfortable identifying what is interrupting your client’s sleep and how to resolve it.

Our entire goal was to create a holistic program for you to fully support clients in improving sleep for the entire family.

We aren’t focusing on teaching you WHAT to do, but most importantly the WHY behind everything we put in the course.

We also use case studies to help you learn from real world experience– as well as a paid internship, unlike any other course available!


Component 1

Sleep Science and Foundations

what you need to know

This component contains modules regarding the science behind sleep, biologically normal sleep expectations, the “why” behind sleep routines, environments, and timing as well as learning multiple sleep training methods. You’ll learn to mix methods and write an entire sleep plan.

Component 2

Building Your Sleep Consulting Business

growing a rewarding career

This component includes learning how to interpret an intake form, conduct a consult call, price your packages, communicate with your clients, set boundaries, and set a high standard for sleep consulting.

Component 3

Expert Trainings

to become a holistic provider

These trainings include: legal aspects of your own business, social media marketing, working with families with postpartum mood disorders, working with bottle feeding or breastfeeding parents, attachment theory,  time management and more.

Free Sample Module


Not sure what you’re signing up for? We get it! We compiled a sample from each unit of our course to give you a taste of what you’re getting when you purchase the Sleep Consultant Academy!

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hi there!

We're Ashley & Katelyn


Fueled by the challenges of motherhood, quite a bit of (sleep) science, a deep desire to help others and inspiration in all the families we’ve worked with, we’ve created the most comprehensive sleep consultant course available in the market. 

We have both struggled with sleepless infants and we know the difference the right approach can bring. We are passionate about helping families restore sleep and balance into their lives when new little ones come join the fun, and now, we’re ready to educate aspiring sleep consultants who share the same drive.

-Natalie R

"Ashley and Katelyn are amazing sleep consultants. They are kind and empathetic, but also, so knowledgeable about infant, baby, and toddler sleep. They strive for the most up-to-date information, studies, and practices to keep their clients in the know. Working one-on-one gives parents the confidence to help sleep train and troubleshoot their child(ren)s sleep needs. Their holistic approach creates an environment for a whole family success! I will always recommend Ashley and Katelyn!"

Kyra F

"Ashley and Katelyn are some of the most knowledgeable sleep consultants I've come across in the past 5 years. Every single thing they teach is backed by science and studies so you learn the "why" behind everything concerning your baby's sleep! I've learned SO much from them regarding the importance of schedule, environment, and the impact that habits can have on the way babies sleep. Can't recommend them enough!"

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What kind of sleep consultant would you be?

In every profession, you bring your unique personality to the table! Sleep consulting is no different. Tired parents need support and we know that your specific strengths will be exactly what they need!